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Herbal Ayurvedic Product

For Reducing obestiy (Med) & Cholesterol and protects from premature death due to Heart Attack.

Obesity gives rise to Vascular diseases
Obesity is a cause of Diabetes
Obesity leads to coronary disease and ultimately
Obesity brings about premature death due to Heart Attack

In Ayurveda this is known as “MED”. In Ayurveda there are some very good formulas to   shed   and  control   “ MED ”

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FASOLV is a combination of the ingredients selected from those formula, which are time tested and proved of their benefits as “MEDHAR” by Ayurved Shashtra. The most important of such ingredients is GUGGUL. From ancient time Guggal has been acclaimed by Ayurvedic Shashtra in very many diseases either alone or in combination. When treated with different herbs certain qualities are exhibited and are excellent for certain diseases. Given below is a work of Dr. Baldva Head of S.M.S. Medical Hospital Jaipur on Guggal.

This work he has presented as paper on the subject at international Conference on Arteio –Scierous is in Milan. Paper has shown light on the effect of Guggal (Commiphora Mukul) in reducing cholesterol, triglycerides and other fraction with histo-pathological changes in tissues.

Clinical studies on patient with ischemic heart disease have shown that the bio-chemicals picture and E.C.G. changes improve after the administration of Guggal.

Dr. Baldva’s work demonstrated that how indigenous drugs can be used for sophisticated therapy with a high margin of safety.

The Chief ingredient in FATSOLV is Guggul in pure Extract form in FATSOLV GUGGAL has been given special treatment of different herb juice as recommended by Ayurvedic Shashtra but on a more scientific line and ultimate result is that the “Med Har” property of Guggal is much enhanced and this alone can be used to reduce obesity by burning away excess fat (Med), and also for the prevention of further deposition of fat (Med).

The “Med Har” Guggal is further strengthened by the combination of certain other such ingredients and their synergistic effect is more pronounced in FASOLV.

Thus FATSOLV is an ideal preparation for Hyper Cholestraemia Hyperlipidaemia and diseases associated with these conditions. Busy Business people, Who have mostly sedentary work, upper middle class and rich people whose diets are full of Ghee, Oil, Starch and other fatty substances mostly have the problem of obesity. Also irregular food habits, stress and strain invariably leads to obesity.

The survey has established that majority of Universal population suffer from latent of freak hyper cholestraemia and Hyperlipidaemia, with deposition of fatty substances in adipose tissues and also in blood vessels and to them FATSOLV would serve as the blessing.

FATSOLV is purely a herbal preparation and therefore it is extremely safe and can be taken on regular basis even as prophylaxis, without any side effect.

Dosages : 2 to 3 Capsules two times a day before meals preferably.

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