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Herbal Ayurvedic Product

Hormone free treatment for Increased milk secretion in mother, milk rich in minerals and proteins.

Milk P stimulates, increase and maintains the milk secretion in lactating mothers. It increases quality of breast milk by raising level of nutrients like protein, calcium, fat etc. in mother milk. This helps in proper growth and maintenance of weight of child and avoids the ill effects of hypocalcaemia.

Packing may be Different from Photograph
It is free from hormonal or toxic medicines so harmless to mother and child.

Dosage : Start Milk P capsules from the very beginning of pregnancy (perception period) with dose: 2 Capsules in the morning and 2 Capsules at night before bedtime for starting 3 months then 2 Capsules in the morning for the rest 6 months. After delivery 2 Capsules of Milk P in the morning until Breast feeding.
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