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Pilesar Freedom From Piles Without Surgery Pilesar is an Ayurvedic Indian Remedy

is a blend of five herbal ingredients. The main ingredient is Curcuma amada which has been given special treatment and passed through various, laborious process as per the Ayurvedic System of manufacturing which has made it is very highly effective for Piles, fissures and other ano-rectal condition.

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Pilesar promptly checks bleeding. Pilesar removes the congestion in the blood vessels and thereby clears engorgement and the feeling of heaviness. Pilesar also relieves inflammation and therefore, lessens the pain. Pilesar helps to shrink thepiles and thus favours quick healing. Constipation and hard stools aggravates the condition. Pilesar also provides which keep the bowles clear, producing laxative effect and it also lubricates the bowles for easy defaecation.

Piles, external, fissures and other such ano-ractal conditions are very effectively covered from all the sides and patients get prompt relief.

After the treatment with Pilesar proctoscopy has been performed on many patiens and it has been found that Pilesar have become completely sanile and bleeing did not occure even if touched with forcep.

Infected piles give more trouble and likely to bleed more, hence in those conditions. Pilesar treatment should always be covered with antibiotic or chemotherautic agents Pilesar should be used in the morning at empty stomach, about an hour before taking anything.

In above mentioned conditions should there be more bleeding, the dose of Pilesar should be reduced or temporarily discontinued till the infection is controlled.

Dosage : 2 to 3 Capsule early in morning 30 minutes before breakfast. If necessary take 3 capsule at night before bedtime use Pilesar ointment during treatment.

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