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Herbal Ayurvedic Product

A Real Silken Cream to make soft naural white & Pimple free skin.

Fairness and anti pimple facial cream.

Silkysoft Cream is a herbal remedy to make Soft, Natural white and Pimple free skin. It vanishes freckles spots and acne marks from the skin and makes skin silken soft.
Dark brown skin turn fairer and then promotes new fresh skin growth and protects new skin against damaging effect of environment.

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               • For Soft, Young and Pimple free skin.
               • Gives an excellent cooling effect on skin.
               • Control Melanin to give Natural Fairness.

Silkysoft Cream is also effective in white patches due to burn and sunstroke because it can regulate melaning pigments.

Silkysoft Cream also gives a cooling effect on the skin and can be used in cold climates as cold cream to protect skin from dryness as olive and almond oils are known best protection for skin moisture.

Application : Apply sufficient quantity slowly on the skin until complete absorption. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times daily.

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