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Topical Cream for Skin Disease, Very effecive in eczema, allergic dermatitis and psoriasis. Excellent results in PIMPLES.

Skinnisar Cream
is a natural topical application to solve skin problems along with treatment of Skinnisar Capsule.

Skinnisar Cream is mixed with the most exotic herbs found in the Himalayas which are excellent coolants and skin revatilizers.

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Skinnisar Cream is useful in all kind of allergic conditions and sunburn and other skin related disease.

Skinnisar Cream gives successful results in Psoriasis to scaling and marking skin smooth. It is also effective in white patches due to burn, brings natural colour of skin. It is effective even in shedding the warts.

Skinnisar Cream gives them excellent results in this natural glows condition. The skin comes back to natural glow and texture.

Application : Apply 4 to 5 times daily on affected area until absorbed completely.

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