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In 1968 a Company came in to existence and decided to manufacture bulk drugs. The company started manufacturing Glycerophosphroic acids and its salts namely calcium, potassium, sodium B.P.C. Soon after the introduction of above drugs, the company started gaining popularity by producing and supplying above drugs of highest quality & standards. They exported U.S.A., U.K. and Switzerland etc.

During these activities one of the pioneer of this Pharmaceutical company Dr. S. J. Zakvi, M. Sc. (Hons.),Ph.D, DIAMS, RMP decided to Serve Humanity with our own Ancient method, The Ayurveda. Dr.Zakvi and his team of R & D department was doing dedicated work to design, develop, standardize such types of products which were very effective to treat diseases which have no chemotherapeutic therapy in allopathy or any other system of medicine. Hard work, constant research in the properties of different numerous herbs, proper uses, laborious constant laboratory and library work with the help of Ayurvedic Granths (Ancient Books) and constant touch with latest technology to improve the potency and efficacy of herbs, extraction of phytochemical, resulted in the Birth of INDIAN REMEDIES
A House of Quality Herbal Products.

Today we are proud that we at INDIAN REMEDIES are constantly working for unique products which are prepared from our own Indian literatures with the use of latest STATE OF ART TECHNOLOGY. To result in Non-surgical treatment and treat patient with most effective Ayurvedic Herbal Oral Medicines. We have selected the medicine for liver, stones, piles, fissures, female-diseases like leacurorhoea, skin diseases, diabetes and general tonics and so many more the list is just endless.

With the intention of blending time proven age old Herbal Harmless preparation with latest scientific drug manufacturing techniques, the company adopted Capsules for most of its products as the best and safest carrier of herbs by adopting and adhering to the Extraction Technology with the evolution of its own special process which retains all the essential phytochemicals which are available in the herbs, while discarding the waste which has no Medical significance.

The quality of the company’s herbal Extracts, having found to contain maximum active ingredients as per the various international standards laid down for the same, number of National & International Drug Houses specially engaged in the manufacturing of Herbomineral drugs, show their interest in the bulk purchases of Extracts, which resulted in the establishment of another sister company.

The Clinical Trials conducted at Medical Colleges in Surat and other Major Hospitals under the supervision of highly qualified doctors and physicians with excellent result.


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